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Seneca School of Creative Arts & Animation

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Seneca’s School of Creative Arts and Animation offers some of the best communication arts programs in the country. We combine practical experience with comprehensive theory, world-class instructors and state-of-the-art facilities. Our graduates are in demand across a variety of fields, including an­imation, graphic design, gaming, photography, independent music production, and documentary filmmaking.

At Seneca, you’re encouraged to explore your talent and combine it with the technical and conceptual skills needed to produce excep­tional work for a successful career. Our faculty will guide you using a mix of theoretical and hands-on instruction, and position you well for your path.

You’ll benefit from field placement and other experiential learning that provide real know-how, whether it’s at a design firm, ad agency or record­ing studio. As a graduate you can also choose to explore the many pathways to University education offered through Seneca.

What sets us apart is our quality: expert faculty; world-class facil­ities; award-winning programs; and a great student experience.

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Certificate programs

Art Fundamentals

Independent Music Production

Independent Songwriting and Performance

Diploma Programs

Acting for Camera and Voice

Independent Digital Photography

Independent Illustration

Interactive Media Design 

Advanced Diploma Programs


Graphic Design 

Graduate Certificates

3D Animation

Documentary and Non-Fiction Media Production

Game Art and Animation

Visual Effects for Film and Television 


Most of our programs require an audition or portfolio review. Once you’re in, we work with you to turn your abilities into professional skills, and challenge you to innovate. Visit the link below to learn more about how to apply to Seneca.

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