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Agenda / June 23–December 30, 2018
Editors' Pick

variations on a landscape

Abbas Akhavan
Abbas Akhavan, <em>SECONDNATURE</em>, 2012. Installation view, Darling Foundry. Courtesy the artist. Abbas Akhavan, SECONDNATURE, 2012. Installation view: Darling Foundry, Courtesy of the artist.
The Power Plant

231 Queens Quay West

Toronto, Ontario


June 23–December 30, 2018


Carolin Köchling, Nabila Abdel Nabi (Assistant Curator)

Working against the rigid symmetry of the space, recalling the grid so prevalent in all North American cities, Abbas Akhavan’s installation aims to give way to a circular point for gathering, one that reflects on the role of an art institution, one that might offer a communal space for contemplation.