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Agenda / October 01–November 12, 2020
Editors' Pick

Untunnelling Vision

Jin-me Yoon
Jin-me Yoon, Untunnelling Vision, 2020. Installation view at TRUCK. Courtesy of the artist.⁣
TRUCK Contemporary Art

2009 10 Avenue SW

Calgary, Alberta


October 01–November 12, 2020


M:ST Performative Art and TRUCK Contemporary Art

Fourth in a series exploring the intersections of tourism, militarism, and colonialism, “Untunnelling Vision” is the newest video and photo-based installation by Korean-born Canadian artist Jin-me Yoon. Note: Due to public health guidelines, the show is temporarily closed at the moment, but should continue into 2021. 

Editors' Comment

On October 1, at the opening of the new southwest segment of Calgary’s ring road, Tsuut’ina artist and musician seth cardinal dodginghorse intervened in official speeches to voice protest about the road, which runs through Tsuut’ina land where he once lived; dodginghorse also cut off his braids there, with the speech and action being “the culmination of six years of grief,” as he put it later. Relationships between infrastructure, colonialism and tourism—including that very ring road, Tsuut’ina land, and dodginghorse’s research, knowledge and sound art—also converge in “Untunnelling Vision,” a must-experience project led by Jin-me Yoon that has been three years in the making and has involved dozens of participants, sites, histories and reinscriptions of Treaty 7 lands. —Leah Sandals, content editor