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Agenda / September 28–September 30, 2019
Editors' Pick

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Kenneth Lavallee, Julie Nagam, Rolande Souliere and the team of Rebecca Belmore and Osvaldo Yero
Rolande Souliere
Air Canada Park

345 Portage Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba


September 28–September 30, 2019


Winnipeg Arts Council

A launch for a series of four new public artworks. Reflections range in concept from the meaning of gathering and turning the ivory tower on its head to the significance of cultural practices to the effects of hydro power on communities to the signing of Treaty 1 in 1871.

Editors' Comment

Four new public artworks by Indigenous artists are definitely cause for celebration in downtown Winnipeg in late September. Though they can be enjoyed year-round, special performances and talks will mark this debut weekend.