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Agenda / November 24–January 26, 2019
Editors' Pick

The Prairie Rose Won’t Mourn Us

Katherine Boyer
Katherine Boyer, <em>The Cycle Shifts Clockwise</em>, 2018. Seed beads on stroud cloth, 22 x 30 in. Katherine Boyer, The Cycle Shifts Clockwise, 2018. Seed beads on stroud cloth, 22 x 30 in.
Zalucky Contemporary

3044 Dundas Street West

Toronto, Ontario


November 24–January 26, 2019


Juliana Zalucky

Katherine Boyer from the Métis Nation, also known as the Flower Beadwork People, utilizes the methodology of beadwork to bring attention to the urgent and alarming state of the environment.

Editors' Comment

Katherine Boyer is an emerging artist to watch: through her meticulous, thoughtful beadwork and sculpture, Boyer continues to shape the dynamic field of Métis contemporary art in Canada. The works in “The Prairie Rose Won’t Mourn Us” are impactful, holding space to reflect on pressing issues related to Métis subjectivity and ecological destruction. In quietly impactful works like the triptych Responsibility of Fire, Boyer demonstrates how her work is attuned as much to personal and collective history of Métis visual and material culture as it is to her own contemporary innovations. Through these works, Boyer reminds viewers of the importance of tuning in to what plants and the land have to say—a message that resonates particularly urgently today.