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Agenda / February 15–May 15, 2019

Terrie Chedore: Whispers in the Sand, A Brief History of Diaconal Ministry

Terrie Chedore
Galerie du Séminaire at the United Theological College

3521 University Street

Montreal, Quebec


February 15–May 15, 2019

“Whispers in the Sand: a brief history of diaconal ministry”, illustrates key periods in diaconal history. Chedore incorporated seashells, sand and sunlight in a Zen-like process symbolically addressing questions while spiritually breathing life into historical diaconal figures.


Terrie Chedore studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and the Ottawa School of Art. She holds a Bachelor of Theological Studies in Diaconal Ministry from St. Stephen’s College and a diploma in Diaconal Ministries (Studies in Transformation and Action) from the Centre for Christian Studies. Terrie will be commissioned as a Diaconal Minister in June 2019.