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Agenda / July 30–August 24, 2018
Editors' Pick


Jordan Bennett
Jordan Bennett Jordan Bennett
Brookfield Place Toronto

181 Bay Street

Toronto, Ontario


July 30–August 24, 2018

Tepkik, a 100 ft. long site-specific sculptural work by Canadian visual artist Jordan Bennett, activates the Allen Lambert Galleria at Brookfield Place Toronto with a striking visual representation of the intersection of Mi’kmaq ancestral and contemporary traditions.

Editors' Comment

Multi-disciplinary artist of Mi’kmaq ancestry, Jordan Bennett is shortlisted for the 2018 Sobey Art Award. He will display his largest site-specific sculpture to date at Toronto’s Brookfield Place, which draws inspiration from the Mi’kmaq petroglyph that depicts the Milky Way at Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia. Definitely a must-see!