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Agenda / September 06–October 06, 2018
Editors' Pick

Stephen Waddell: Visible Light

Stephen Waddell
Stephen Waddell, Sunflowers, 2018.
Monte Clark Gallery

105 - 525 Great Northern Way

Vancouver, British Columbia


September 06–October 06, 2018

Stephen Waddell’s new exhibition includes a collection of photographs that portray different forms of light: both aesthetic and psychological. The individual works demonstrate the extremes of how visible light can build our view and that which is captured by the camera.

Editors' Comment

Stephen Waddell’s remarkable 2016 exhibition “Dark Matter Atlas” at the Vancouver Art Gallery was filled with immense black and white photographs of cavern interiors. Watch for more two-metre-wide prints in this show—some of them in colour, though, and others in shades of shadowy grey.