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Agenda / September 07–October 13, 2018
Editors' Pick

Stéphane La Rue: certain things occur in a (n) other

Stéphane La Rue
Stéphane La Rue, certain things occur in a (n) other #7, 2018.
TrépanierBaer Gallery

999 8 Street SW

Calgary, Alberta


September 07–October 13, 2018

TrépanierBaer presents new work by Stéphane La Rue: 12 luminous white monochromes titled “certain things occur in a (n) other,” along with other recent work. Opening reception is September 7 from 5 to 7:30 p.m., with the artist in attendance.

Editors' Comment

In the 20 years since graduating with his MFA from Concordia University, painter Stéphane La Rue has won over audiences by being precise while also being playful, formalist while also being fun. It will likely be a pleasure (and not just a perfectionist one) to take in some of La Rue’s latest exacting artworks in this fall exhibition.