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Agenda / May 04–May 25, 2019

Service / Serve

Tim Messeiller, Adrien Chevalley, Charlotte Stuby, Constant Bonard, Pierre Bonard, Liza Trottet, Neal Byrne-Jonson, Julien Fischer, Valentine Paley, Camille Villetard, Mathieu Barbezat, Jacques Duboux, Estelle Bourdet, Chri Frautschi, Chloé Demetriades, Estelle Spirig, Colin Pahlisch, Nicoles Pahlisch, Julia Reist, Guillaume Ehinger, Céline Burnand, Simon Desarzens, Frédéric Gabioud
“Service / Serve.”
TAP Montréal

155 Place Sainte Famille

Montréal, Quebec


May 04–May 25, 2019


Wednesdays from 6-9pm and Saturdays from 1-4pm

“Service / Serve” inspects the relationship of artists with labour and the creation process. Here, an artist creates artworks for other artists by interpreting their vague plans, which are also artworks. The roles of the actors in this contemporary art exhibition are mixed up; the norms of the artistic creation are blurred.