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Agenda / April 28–June 08, 2019

Material Syntax: 3D Printed Clay

Elaine Tat, Symon Tiansay, Joanne Yau, Elly Cho, Meghan Taylor, Jim Shi, Naeimeh Hosseininam, Rui Wang, Dishita Shah, Alexander Gontarz, Rui Hu, Victor Tulceanu, Justin Jones, Madeleine Slaney, Cynthia Tang, Erica Burgsma, Ed Chung, Dhroov Patel
Courtesy of the School of Architecture, University of Waterloo.
Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

25 Caroline Street North

Waterloo, Ontario


April 28–June 08, 2019


David Correa and Elly Cho

Cutting edge 3D printing technology and ancient materials come together to create innovative architectural solutions. University of Waterloo graduate students from the School of Architecture consider how clay can be used to make new and innovative building construction systems.