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Agenda / January 01–December 31, 2019
Editors' Pick

How far do you travel?

Diyan Achjadi, Patrick Cruz, Rolande Souliere, Erdem Taşdelen, Anna Torma
Diyan Achjadi, <em>NonSerie (In Commute)</em> (detail), 2017/2018. Courtesy the artist. Diyan Achjadi, NonSerie (In Commute) (detail), 2017/2018. Courtesy the artist.
Contemporary Art Gallery (Off-site)

555 Nelson Street

Vancouver, British Columbia


January 01–December 31, 2019


Kimberly Phillips

Throughout 2019, CAG is producing a major public art initiative in partnership with TransLink. Five Canadian artists are being commissioned to graphically wrap the exterior of a series of articulated buses traveling on major routes in Metro Vancouver.

Editors' Comment

Although Vancouver has a sometimes tense relationship to public art (though perhaps so does every city), this ambitious partnership will see buses wrapped in graphic art by Diyan Achjadi, Patrick Cruz, Rolande Souliere, Erdem Taşdelen and Anna Torma throughout all of 2019. If you get on the right bus you might also catch one of the artists talking about their work. It’s a great way to engage with the city in the way so many of us do—as commuters on the move.