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Agenda / July 20–October 04, 2018

Hiłt̕sist̕a’a̱m (The Copper Will Be Fixed)

Jesse Brillon, Corey Bulpitt, Liz Carter, Rande Cook, Donna Cranmer, Andy Everson, Karver Everson, Shawn Hunt, George Littlechild, Marianne Nicolson, John Powell, Steve Smith, Connie Watts
Zac Whyte
Comox Valley Art Gallery

580 Duncan Avenue

Courtenay, British Columbia


July 20–October 04, 2018


Lee Everson, Angela Somerset, Denise Lawson

Westcoast Indigenous artists and cultural carriers respond to the impact of the Potlatch Ban and reinstatement on their lives, families, communities, art-making and cultural practices.


Our Ancestors guide us:

Beau Dick, Sam Henderson, Tony Hunt, Mungo Martin