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Agenda / April 10–May 11, 2019

Gestures of Comfort

Sara Anstis, Keiran Brennan Hinton, Jane Corrigan, Kim Dorland, Stephanie Hier, Laurie Kang, Marlon Kroll, Bridget Moser, Jeanie Riddle, Catherine Telford Keogh
Stephanie Hier, At any rate, 2019. Oil and latex on hand-dyed quilted linen, 91 x 120 cm.
Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran

1892 rue Payette

Montreal, Quebec


April 10–May 11, 2019

The exhibition brings together works that were overly cared for, with perhaps oppressive tenderness. Fingerprints and handprints have left their mark. “Gestures of Comfort” is an invitation to be touched by the sensuality of both the object and the subject.