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Agenda / May 07–June 07, 2020
Editors' Pick


KC Adams
KC Adams, Birch Bark Technology, 34″ x 34″, digital print, 2020. KC Adams, Birch Bark Technology, 2020. Digital print, 34 x 34 in.
Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba

710 Rosser Avenue, Unit 2

Brandon, Manitoba


May 07–June 07, 2020


Alyssa Fearon

“Gage’gajiiwaan,” a solo exhibition by Cree-Ojibway artist KC Adams, reflects on the relationships between ancestral knowledge, memory and the sacredness of water.

Editors' Comment

Originally scheduled to open at AGSM in April, KC Adams’s solo exhibition “Gage’gajiiwaan” is now showing online with detailed images and videos narrated by Sherry Copenace. Adams draws connections between technology and nature, reflecting on how to transmit ancestral knowledge to future generations. Beyond closures from COVID-19, curator Alyssa Fearon has expressed a commitment to making exhibitions more accessible for those in remote communities around Brandon, MB. This exhibition’s new alternative form speaks to the question of access to public institutions, through things like livestreams and audio/video documentation, that existed before the pandemic and will continue afterwards. Angel Callander, editorial resident