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Agenda / July 05–August 29, 2018


Heidi Barkun, M.C. Baumstark, Eileen Mary Holowka, JOJOTA, Karla Keiko, Kinga Michalska, Faye Mullen, Mailis Rodrigues
Karla Keiko, <em>Pendências</em>, film still, 2017. Karla Keiko, Pendências, film still, 2017.
Arts Visuels Émergents

901, rue Lenoir, Space B-105

Montreal, Quebec


July 05–August 29, 2018


Treva Michelle Legassie & Renata Azevedo Moreira

Femynynytees aims to explore a multiplicity of incarnations in which the “feminine” can be reframed, reworked, broken and queered. More than five centuries after the word first appeared, this exhibition questions; what can a multiplistic view of femynynytees become?