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Agenda / October 11–October 21, 2018

Bursting Bubbles: Creating Context for Evolving Solitudes

Stephanie Avery, Janieta Eyre, Hanan Hazime, Laura Kikauka, Wendy Lu, Kat Singer, Wendy Whaley
Janieta Eyre, <em>Untitled (my terrible loneliness) </em>, 2018. Print on velvet. Janieta Eyre, Untitled (my terrible loneliness) , 2018. Print on velvet.
Workman Arts at TMAC (Toronto Media Arts Centre)

32 Lisgar Street

Toronto, Ontario


October 11–October 21, 2018


Claudette Abrams

“Through states of introspection, irony or innovation, participating artists explore the nature of evolving solitudes, pushing comfort zones, bursting bubbles and processing the impacts.” –Claudette Abrams

“Bursting Bubbles” is a part of Workman Arts’ Rendezvous With Madness Festival.