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Agenda / October 10–May 26, 2019
Editors' Pick

Beads, they’re sewn so tight

Bev Koski, Katie Longboat, Jean Marshall, Olivia Whetung
Bev Koski, Striped Robe in Blues, 1979, 2018. Beads and thread; 8.89 x 8.89 x 8.89 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
Textile Museum of Canada

55 Centre Avenue

Toronto, Ontario


October 10–May 26, 2019


Lisa Myers

“Beads, they’re sewn so tight” is a new exhibition of over 40 works by four contemporary artists who innovate in the field of beading and quillwork.

Editors' Comment

Some of the most notable artworks of the past few years have been constructed out of many tiny beads: take Ruth Cuthand’s Don’t Breathe, Don’t Drink, acquired by the Art Gallery of Ontario, or Nadia Myre’s For those who cannot speak: the land, the water, the animals and the future generations, for just a couple of examples. This show at the Textile Museum, curated by Lisa Myers, features four more artists who craft large impacts out of seed-sized materials, including Olivia Whetung (whose “Tibehw” was a hit at Artspace in Peterborough in 2017) and Bev Koski (whose use of beadwork to engulf, or armour, small cliche dolls speaks volumes).