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Agenda / April 30–March 01, 2020

Avant-garde Montrealers: Jewellery, Glass and Ceramics as Envisioned by Gallerists Jocelyne Gobeil, Elena Lee and Barbara Silverberg

Virginia Belda, Curtis Benzle, Marta Breis, Jesse Bromm, Christophe Burger, John Chalke, Victor Cicansky, Daniel Crichton, Lam de Wolf, Xavier Domènech, Laura Donefer, Susan Edgerley, Alfred Engerer, Robert "Irish" Flynn, David Gilhooly, Andrea Gill, Jeff Goodman, Denise Goyer, Hans-Joachim Härtel, Maria Hees, Herman Hermsen, François Houdé, David James, Jun Kaneko, Charon Kransen, Andrew Kuntz, Nel Linssen, Kevin Lockau, Claude Loranger, Claire Maunsell, Paul McClure, Paul Mathieu, Pavel Opočenský, Caroline Ouellette, Peter Powning, Ramón Puig Cuyàs, Greg Payce, Susan Rankin, Pamela Ritchie, Donald Robertson, Edward Roman, Lisette Savaria, Maurice Savoie, Karl Schantz, Cathy Strokowsky, Jack Sures, Naoko Takenouchi, Mecky van den Brink, Silvia Walz
Mecky van den Brink, brooch, 1983-1984. Plastic coated photograph. MMFA, gift of the Jocelyne Gobeil collection. Photo MMFA, Christine Guest.
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

1380 Sherbrooke Street West

Montreal, Quebec


April 30–March 01, 2020


Diane Charbonneau, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Decorative Arts

This exhibition is dedicated to three Quebec gallery owners who used their expertise to ensure glass, ceramics and jewellery became recognized as fully fledged artistic disciplines. It pays tribute to these audacious women and their resolutely contemporary vision of these practices.