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Agenda / June 12, 2020
Editors' Pick

Art Connects | Evann Siebens

Vancouver Art Gallery

750 Hornby Street

Vancouver, British Columbia


June 12, 2020

In this edition of Art Connects, Vancouver-based media and performance artist Evann Siebens will perform A Lexicon of Gesture (ZOOM) live.

Editors' Comment

Having danced with the National Ballet of Canada and the Bonn Ballet before studying film production and entering performance art, Evann Siebens brings a particular attention to the body, gesture and documentation in her practice. For instance, her 2018–19 work Plus TheCo, Minus Helen Goodwin involved collaboration with many other creators to make a sculptural, video and performative homage to little-known Canadian choreographer Helen Goodwin. In this upcoming June 2020 online Zoom performance, Siebens will likely be solo, but collaborating with others in the history of dance and performance through a process of embodiment, imitation and social and temporal distance. —Leah Sandals