Reel Artists Film Festival

The Reel Artists Film Festival (RAFF) is North America’s sole film festival focusing on documentaries about contemporary art and artists. It presents a selection of international feature-length and short documentaries that address challenges and questions raised by artists both in front of and behind the camera. Through these films, subjects are revealed, experimental processes unfold, and events are staged, creating an accessible point of entry for general audiences to consider the key personalities and philosophies behind contemporary art.

In line with RAFF’s tradition of presenting films that document the lives and works of contemporary artists, 2014’s lineup offered a glimpse into the complex personalities of, among others, Michael Landy, Nan Goldin and LaToya Ruby Frazier, in addition to the world premiere of Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of Grace and Richard Deacon–In Between.


Video: Germano Celant on When Attitudes Become Form

Sometimes the most exciting new exhibitions come from deep in the past.

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Video: Richard Deacon on Sculpture, Film & More

On February 21, 2014, UK artist Richard Deacon joined German film director Claudia Schmid in Toronto for the world premiere of the …

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Jeff Dupre Wins Goethe Reel Audience Director Award

The Goethe Reel Audience Director Award at Canadian Art’s Reel Artists Film Festival has gone to Jeff Dupre for Kehinde Wiley: An …

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Slideshow: RAFF 2014 Opening Night with Kehinde Wiley

The Reel Artists Film Festival opened in Toronto last night (February 19) with a world-premiere screening of Kehinde Wiley: An Economy of …

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Michael Landy Q&A: On the Art of Destruction

The idea of wiping the slate clean reaches new levels in the work of UK artist Michael Landy.

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Kehinde Wiley Q&A: On Race, Representation and Reality

If portrait painting has a long tradition of idealizing the rich and powerful—from popes to kings to war heroes and beyond—then …

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