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Jayce Salloum: My Time and Place

Co-produced by the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon, the Kamloops Art Gallery and the Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown, “Jayce Salloum: history of the present (selected works, 1985–2009)” is generating widespread interest in the work of an artist who has devoted his career to creating poetic visual expressions of identity and transnationalism. Working with text, video, installation and photography, Salloum creates layered narratives about personality, politics and place that use the travelogue format as a means of speaking about the cultural diasporas within contemporary globalism. In a recent Canadian Art feature story, Deborah Campbell quotes Lebanese writer Soha Bechara from a Salloum video, “This history should be documented and preserved, remembered and talked about, in order to be able to know where we, who are a small drop in the world, are heading,” she says. For Salloum, her point of view is, “the reverse of how the news media and our dominant society value things.” And it’s this renewed humanist engagement that finds eloquent elaboration in the works gathered in the show. (145 Richmond St, Charlottetown PEI)

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