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Danny Singer: Songs of Place

The photographer and video maker Danny Singer creates poetry out of prairie places and spaces. In this exhibition of new and recent works, the Vancouver-based, Edmonton-born artist takes his cameras into the small towns that dot the Canadian west and documents life as it passes. The extraordinary detail in Singer’s images serves to arrest attention in the midst of apparent emptiness, bringing home an experience of place that speaks as a tribute to small-town living. “For almost a decade these small prairie towns have been the basis of my practice,” Singer says. “I am intrigued with the physical structure of the street, its relationship to the land that it occupied and, by extension, the relationship of the people who use the street to the land and to each other.” Included in the exhibition is his new video Rockyford, a five-minute slice of real-time prairie main street that serves as a keynote work in this summer’s Alberta Biennial, curated by Canadian Art editor Richard Rhodes. (999 8 St SW, Calgary AB)

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