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Winter 2016

On newsstands December 15, 2015, to March 14, 2016


You Can’t Hold Back the Ocean with a Fork
Barry Doupé animates an ever-expanding parallel universe
by Jon Davies

Every Artwork Is a Trap
Abbas Akhavan works at the periphery of the art market
by Gabby Moser

Sets and Sensibility
The collecting practice of Celia Perrin Sidarous
by Simon Lewsen

The World Must Have Poetry
Rita Letendre’s public art interventions
by Adam Lauder

Rambling Rose
Lisa Lipton’s road show
by Ray Cronin

Living in America
The differences in the Canadian and American art scenes abound
by Ken Lum

Curator’s Notebook
Ken Lum’s Vancouver Especially
by Brian McBay

Tabletop Carnivalesque
Drew Simpson in Berlin
by R.M. Vaughan


A national and international roundup of the season’s best exhibitions


Recent art books and catalogues


The Ward, Toronto: A Blank Space
by Luis Jacob


David Altmejd
by Jaclyn Bruneau

Natascha Niederstrass
by Bernard Lamarche

Katie Bethune-Leamen
by Iliana Antonova

Aaron Veldstra
by Vicki S. Kwon

Alex Morrison
by Aaron Peck

Geoffrey Pugen
by Sam Cotter


Joint Benefit: George E. Russell
by Simon Lewsen

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