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Michel de Broin: Light and Space

Michel de Broin L'Arc 2009 Courtesy Ville de Montréal

In the Winter 2012 magazine feature “Cities of Light,” Canadian Art managing editor Bryne McLaughlin catches up with artist Michel de Broin on the eve of his latest sculptural installation, Majestic, presented in conjunction with Prospect.2 New Orleans. Built from damaged city street lamps discarded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and sited in a vacant downtown lot, the work is an arresting, monumental take on place, history and illumination—both materially and philosophically. It also marks a notable return to North America for de Broin, who has spent much of the past six years living and working in Europe. Here, a selection of images and videos tracks de Broin’s work at home and abroad over the past decade.

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