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Poison, Pattern, Paradigm

Poison, Pattern, Paradigm
Carrielynn Victor, Mimoqw Builds a Ladder, 2016, acrylic on canvas

Poison, Pattern, Paradigm premieres a new body of work by Emerging Coast Salish artist Carrielynn Victor. The artist has created this new series of paintings utilizing traditional formal elements from Stó:lō culture—the crescent, the trigon, and the chevron. The works recount aspects of Stó:lō stories and worldview, while simultaneously drawing from her lived experience and our collective immersion in popular culture. Victor is an artist, fisher, plant harvester and medicines practitioner whose work fuses ancestral knowledge and a deep connection to her culture with contemporary techniques and styles. Her practice considers gender and sexuality, community, interconnectedness, land, and sustainability. Victor has been active as an artist for over a decade, and this exhibition will be the first solo presentation of her work.

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