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THE 150 (Canadian Celebration Exhibition)

THE 150 (Canadian Celebration Exhibition)


Opening Reception: March 11, 2-4pm

Artist Talks: 2:30pm


As Canada turns 150 years old in 2017 – two of Canada’s foremost art societies unite to hold a joint exhibition in recognition and celebration of this historic moment in time. Members of the SSC (Sculptors Society of Canada) and MASC (Medallic Art Society of Canada) have created new work in their individual, distinctive and varied styles in tribute of their nation’s birthday.

MASC Members: Lynden Beesley, Angel Calderer, Kenna Graff, Saulius Jaskus, Magdalena Lesniak, Janine Lindgren, Geert Maas, Judith Mills, Honey Mitchell, Susan Taylor, Lorraine Wright. (Special Works by Founders of MASC: Dora dePédery-Hunt, Del Newbigging)

SSC MembersEdward Falkenberg, Mary Ellen Farrow, Marlene Kawalez, Janine Lindgren, J.Mac, Philippe Pallafray, David Ruben Piqtoukun, Peter A. Por, Marianne Reim, Dina Torrans, Angela Verlaeckt-Clark, Judi Michelle Young

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