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Sheridan College – Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

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The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD) is Canada’s largest art school. Internationally recognized for our outstanding Animation program, we offer you a solid education across the creative spectrum.

At FAAD, we train performers, animators, filmmakers, designers and artists like you to realize your full potential. You come here for the challenge of being different — and to make a difference — through your creative explorations.

Our renowned faculty members come from industry which means you receive a professionally relevant education that also makes you highly employable in your field. FAAD also gives you the chance to learn the latest technologies and offers opportunities to collaborate with students from other disciplines and faculties for a balanced education.

As a FAAD graduate, you leave with a rare combination of artistic talent, professionalism and technical sophistication. You’ll be poised for success — and prepared to make your creativity a force for change.

The arts and design programs in our faculty are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Designor to use their nomenclature for non-U.S. Institutions—we are “substantially equivalent.” Sheridan is only the second institution in Canada to receive this prestigious accreditation.

Certificate programs

Art Fundamentals

Media Fundamentals


Diploma Programs

Interior Decorating

Makeup for Media and Creative Arts

Visual and Creative Arts

Visual Merchandising Arts


Advanced Diploma Programs

Visual and Creative Arts (Advanced)


Graduate Certificates

Advanced Television and Film

Computer Animation

Computer Animation – Digital Character

Game Level Design

Visual Effects

Web Design


Degree Programs

Art and Art History (Bachelor of Arts)

Bachelor of Animation

Bachelor of Crafts and Design

Bachelor of Design (Honours)

Bachelor of Game Design

Bachelor of Illustration

Bachelor of Interaction Design

Bachelor of Interior Design

Bachelor of Photography

Bachelor of Film and TV



The Admissions Office receives transcript information and determines whether the Applicant meets college eligibility requirements. Those who meet the college eligibility requirements are invited to continue in the admission process. Applicants whose transcripts indicate that they do not meet eligibility requirements are asked to provide more information.